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Interior Design

work with me to create your perfect period space


Whether listed or unlisted, the architectural details and charming quirks of period properties make them unique and it can quickly become overwhelming to make design decisions. It is very unusual to find a period house without any of the original details and I understand that it can be difficult to decide what to keep, add or get rid of when working on a design scheme for your heritage home.
With a degree in Heritage Interior Design and a passion for historic interiors, I can provide a contemporary, updated design while always respecting the building's history. 

"I believe strongly that your period home shouldn't feel like a museum,
but rather include a good blend of period features, re-interpreted old furniture,
antique pieces, contemporary furniture and fittings... a tasteful mix of old and new."

Interior design tailored to your individual requirements. Consultations, single room or full house designs - please take a look at the services below:


Design Consultation for
Period Homes


Interior Design for Period Homes 

We'd be delighted to hear from you if you'd like to discuss your project.



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